Learning how to connect with your spouse or significant other through your faith is a remarkable way to cultivate intimacy on another level.  Even if you don’t necessarily share beliefs.

Sharing what we believe in, our faith and our deep thoughts about a governing power over this world can be a deeply vulnerable conversation.  What a glorious opportunity to bring a couple closer and more intimate.

Here are 5 tips for spiritual sharing and intimacy:

  1. Respect your partners beliefs, even if you don’t agree.  Never put them down or try to make them feel bad for what they believe.  Be open minded and accepting of what they are sharing.
  2. Don’t just share your beliefs, listen to your partners as well.   Spirituality can bring out some very strong, passionate emotions in people and we get so excited about what and why we feel and believe the way we do, we forget to let the other person get excited too!  Just remember to let the other person feel the same enthusiasm as you feel and it will keep the conversation going and open up new possibilities.
  3. Explore together.  If you grew up with a specific spirituality and chose to stay in the same discipline as an adult, don’t let the routine get stale.  Instead, invite your partner with you as you explore the history, terminology and practices of your faith. This can be easier if they share your faith, but just as exciting if they don’t but are open to supporting you on your journey.
  4. Quiet time together praying can be a powerful form of intimacy shared by spiritual couples.  Whether you pray out loud or silently is completely up to you and what you are comfortable with.
  5. Passing your spirituality down to your children is a bonding experience of parenting.  Regardless of what your faith is, it can be a uniting journey to walk your children through your faith and watch them walk through the same growth experiences you have had.

If you feel your partner is not open to a spiritual conversation, talk with your counselor about how to get the ball rolling if its what you truly desire.