5 Secrets to Marriage Longevity

“What’s your secret?”

One of the most commonly asked questions that couples receive when asked to describe their long, healthy marriage.

The fact of the matter is, however, that there isn’t just one secret to a happy marriage. In fact, there are several and they aren’t exactly secrets. It might even be easier to think of them more as tips or reminders rather than secrets.

When you’re caught up in the excitement of everyday life, it’s easy for things to fall to the wayside. Especially as schedules become increasingly full, things that used to receive all of your attention suddenly receive very little, if any at all. Sharing your life with another person is undoubtedly a challenge and each relationship takes work, commitment, and unconditional love. However, there are also a few other things that go into making a successful marriage, some of which couples may not even be aware of.

So, what do couples who manage to make their love last a lifetime do to make it work?

Here are five secrets to making a marriage last.

Remain Committed

You’ve probably heard the saying before, “In it to win it.” Well, it also applies to marriage. Successful marriages require commitment and knowing that your partner is just as committed as you are. But what does commitment look like? Committed couples talk about the hard to discuss issues of marriage. Committed couples seek understanding in disagreements. Committed couples learn new skills because they care about the well-being of their partner. If marriage longevity is what you seek, commitment is a prerequisite.

It’s Okay to Disagree

As with everything in life, two people may not always agree on the same things. The same is true with marriage. Though the two of you may not always agree on everything, it’s important to always maintain respect and fairness during arguments or disagreements. This means listening to your partner’s point of view, trying not get angry with one another, and discussing the problem. If the two of you are not able to come to a compromise, it’s important to walk away calmly so that you both can revisit the conversation at a different time.

Communicate Often

One of the biggest factors of a successful and healthy relationship and marriage is communication. Now, it’s important to remember that this goes beyond text messages throughout the day. When we discuss communication, we’re talking about being honest about each other’s feelings, listening to what each other has to say, and learning how to understand each other’s needs. Keeping the lines of communication open with one another and talking often is one of the most important ways to keep a marriage strong.

Learn to Forgive

It’s no secret that everyone makes mistakes. Whether your spouse hurts your feelings during an argument or does something that upsets you, couples are bound to have disagreements. However, in order for a marriage to last, it’s important to understand each other’s feelings, forgive one another, and move on without bringing up the past over and over again.

Maintain Friendship

Friendship is the foundation of any successful marriage, especially a long one. If you truly hope to spend the rest of your life with your partner, being able to remain friends is equally as important as everything else on this list. This includes understanding your partner’s physical and mental health, supporting your partner in times of need, and not neglecting situations as they arise. Simply put, a strong friendship is essential for marriage longevity. The good news is, if you’ve managed to maintain a friendship throughout a marriage, everything else seems to get easier.

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