Even without going into the history of the relation of Valentine’s Day and the chocolates, it’s easy to understand why chocolate is the favorite way to express love on Valentine’s Day. There is an allure to chocolate that in essence is exotically romantic, it’s simply an edible declaration of love that makes the recipients of chocolate feel special and undeniably gratifying. The chocolate looks feels and tastes heavenly. This luscious substance not only melts in our mouth in a burst of flavors but also melt our hearts in bliss. This is probably the biggest reason why chocolate and red roses are the second most preferred gifts to give on Valentine’s Day.

Why just Chocolate on Valentine’s Day and no other candy?

With so many trends coming and going, there must be something about chocolate that it even today, it’s a widely popular tradition in almost all English-speaking countries in the world to give your loved one a box of chocolates on the Valentine’s Day. It’s now a century-old tradition where even the boxes of chocolate are saved as a memory keepsake. You must have heard of stories of old people, especially the war valerians, saving the love letters of their beloved ones in the boxes of chocolates in the attics or basements. Only for their offsprings to find these love letters in chocolate boxes decades later.

Besides the beautiful wrappings, great taste and texture, there are actually a number of reasons why chocolate, along with red roses, are exclusively linked with Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate has an emotional effect on People

It’s a fact that chocolates have a huge physiological and emotional effect on people. Giving chocolate is not just a sign of love but also given us ways to express delight, initiate desire, express your apologies and rekindle a friendship, or even given just to simply uplift the mood as it’s a powerful mood enhancer.