As a collective effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 we are taking temporary precautionary steps to hold our therapy sessions online,  until further notice, via our secure online platform, Simple Practice. Video distance counseling is a very common way of connecting with a therapist. All that is asked from the client is that they find a quiet and private place when attending a session. Video counseling through simple practice supports laptops, iPads, tablets, and cellphones. If using a cellphone, you will need to download the “Telehealth” by a simple practice app. If using a laptop, you will have to connect through google chrome web browser. We believe it is very important that our clients continue to have access to therapeutic services, especially during this time of uncertainty. Our therapists can provide you with the necessary steps and answer any questions to get you set up with your online therapy appointment. 

In a short period of time, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has drastically changed life for us all. We’d like to take a moment to bring you up to date on how it has affected our operations at Cape Coral Therapy offices and what we are doing about it. Of course, the virus has implications for businesses of all types, ours included, but what we are thinking about every day is on a more personal level. Our primary concern is to protect the health and well being of all our guests, owners, employees and contractors. With this in mind, we have taken the following steps:

  1. We are following every mandate and guideline for stopping COVID-19 provided to us by federal, state and local authorities. As new information is obtained by these agencies new guidelines are issued, sometimes daily. We adjust and adhere to these very strictly and suggest you do the same. They can be found here:




COVID-19 FL Case Map:


  1. We have implemented enhanced cleaning procedures in our office, following CDC and public health guidance. In fact, in an effort to remain proactive we have hired additional cleaning crews and resources to go beyond these recommendations by sanitizing every surface even further. This includes all handles and doorknobs, bathroom and anything else in our offices that could come into contact with a person. We are taking this extremely seriously, to the point of overkill. We believe in being conservative and erring on the side of safety.

  1. We have established a set of protocols to ensure that our employees stay in line with the above approach. Plus, any employees who are at high risk or potentially infected are staying at home.

  1. We are also taking measures to help our Therapist and clients stay safe, including eliminating travel and in-person meetings and enabling work from home where possible.

There is no doubt we will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever. As these are strictly adhered to, we have the best chance of emerging from this crisis with the least amount of impact caused by the virus. That is our number one goal.

Please check our website often for additional updates and information as this situation develops. Or please give us a call if you have any questions. We will do our best to keep you informed about all our company is doing to keep our Therapist team healthy and happy.

Health is our number one concern, because without good health nothing else matters.

Thank you,

Dr. April Brown