Depression is an extremely difficult disease. It can alter your entire view of the world around you, your view of friends and family, strangers, activities or hobbies you used to enjoy, everything. It’s because of this warped-perception that depression tends to last as long as it does. When everything in your life seems pointless, boring, and dull, who wouldn’t be sad? Perception is what allows depression to flourish in a person’s mind. With that being said, I wanted to go over a few things to help combat this problem.


Getting out in public around other humans has shown to be very effective in my own personal experience as well as with my clients. Even something simple light going to Target and walking around looking at the products can be good to get your mind and body working back into a healthy rhythm. What I mean by this is, if you are sullen, downtrodden, depressed, and essentially “dead inside”, it is very hard to maintain those behaviors when you are confronted with a million variables that happen in public that will disrupt that behavior. For instance, squeezing past someone in an aisle, talking to a cashier, or even catching eyes with someone you find attractive.


At the moment, there are many studies being concerning the link between Vitamin D deficiency and depression. While the specific effect is unknown, the link between Vitamin D deficiency and depression is well-documented. Vitamin D can be obtained via supplements or sunlight, it is my recommendation that if you are getting vitamin D for the purposes of fighting depression, you are far better off getting it from sunlight. Natural light itself has been linked to a decrease in depression, as evidenced by the emerging use of “light boxes” that recreate natural light artificially. In addition to this, being outside is always a good idea. Depressed individuals tend to stay inside lying on the couch or the bed with their thoughts, and getting outside for vitamin D can be a strong motivator to combat these habits.


My last recommendation is to release endorphins. It is physically impossible to be depressed when you have endorphins running through your brain. The release of endorphins can give you a much needed momentary break from the depressed mind. Furthermore, being active and getting your heart rate moving thereby increasing blood flow to the brain is never a bad idea. Endorphins are released in many ways, however the most common activities include exercise, sex, laughter, time with friends, even being in a sauna or getting a massage will do the trick. However it has to happen for you, the only goal is that you get them.