Lives are changing for the better here at Cape Coral Therapists because of the Vacation Counseling-Couples Retreat Program and its implementation in our community and as we reach out to the World Wide Web. 

How can I tell? I can see it in the couple’s eyes…they are brighter. I can see it in their smiles…they are wider. I hear it in their words…they are kinder. I can feel their spirits soar! It is evident in their walk and the way they stand, just a bit closer, a bit taller. 

I can sense it because the kindness that we, as Counselors offer is like a smile, it’s contagious! Some couples have shared that it was the best time of their lives. This is a complement to our program and our efforts. 

Freedom of time allows couples to work with each other, guided by clinicians, in areas that are in need of attention. It affords clients/counselors the opportunity to spend as little or as much time on change for the better. It helps individuals that feel unwanted, unheard, unworthy, unhealthy, unloved, etc. to a place where s/he feels the exact opposite…wanted, heard, worthy, healthy and loved. 

One to one care allows the couple to feel their unique importance. A gentle touch, a sympathetic ear, a concerned tone of voice, and an encouraging word shows each person that they matter and are thought of. Their unique stories,  talents, abilities and histories are shared on an individual basis. They also see that their loved one is engaging and experiencing a sense of belonging. 

Lives are being changed that would otherwise may not have been changed for the better. Couples are connecting and communicating better. Families are finding peace and  reconnecting. Positive change is a complex process that most people desire but are often unable to achieve without assistance and support. The Vacation Counseling Program puts the spotlight on the exploration and discovery of ways to help couples create change in areas that lead to growth, clarity and peace. Discovering and working through unresolved issues, disguised or buried feelings and/or traumatic life experiences can shed light in the darkest places. Reexamining broken relationships, rediscovering intimacy and revisiting passions and pleasures after years can lighten even the heaviest load. Working through, reducing or eliminating roadblocks (even those that individuals may not be aware of) can lead to a tremendous increase in purpose, meaning and the couple’s life satisfaction.

Come vacation with us, and enjoy working with us towards a better, more satisfying marriage! Learn more at!