The easiest thing to do during a time of struggle is to throw up your hands, look up at the sky, and ask, “God, why me?” What doesn’t come easy is the answer to that question.

The truth is that there is always a reason for what God puts in our lives. There is always a reason for that roadblock. And, while in the moment it may seem cruel, there is a reason for those depressive episodes.

The reason is to temper us. A sword is made by high amounts of heat, pressure, and impact, then quenched in an oil bath. We are God’s sword and must be made in the same way.

Those difficult times are necessary to life. They help us learn about ourselves, about our boundaries, about the people we want in our lives, and how we can help ourselves and others. They make us stronger people and stronger implements for God’s work. Without hard times, we would never know the euphoric sigh of relief once we’ve come out of the darkness.

So the next time you are feeling hopelessness, exhaustion, in need of a break, take a moment and think about how blissful you will feel when you are finally able to step out of the darkness with God. Think about the rapturous joy you’ll feel when things finally begin to take an upward momentum. Think about how much more surmountable other, less difficult situations will be after this experience. Think about how much wisdom you will have gained to be used in the future.

Despite how hard things are in the moment, look to God and take a breath, thanking Them for giving you the chance to become a wiser and stronger person.

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