Ok we’ve all been there..someone gives you a genuine compliment, maybe on your ability to lead, your giving spirit, or maybe it’s as simple as your hair..and we say “thank you.” At the same time we are either shrugging this off, or simply saying the words because that’s a polite response. BUT, how often do we actually take that complement and receive it, I mean really receive it? 

I get it, it’s a tough subject, because how do we explain what it’s like to really receive..and we’re not just talking about compliments here, although that’s an incredible place to start. This extends into all areas of your life. So much of humanity is stuck in this hamster wheel of looking for happiness and contentment in their lives whether it’s in the form of a romantic relationship, deep friendships, exciting opportunities, or that dream job. All the while, they are unable to receive all that is right in front of them. 

When it comes to sex, if you want to really turn up the volumn, then learning to receive is one way to do it. When things are getting spicy, and your partner wants to please you, let her, or let him do so. It’s time to stop worrying. Stop overthinking things. 

The brain is incredible, and at the same time, it can also be our worst enemy. Turning inward to the heart, that center for love and compassion, holds the key when it comes to receiving. 

You should never have to think about receiving, but instead allow your heart to be vulnerable, open and expand the heart any chance you get. When you do this and you are constantly open to feeling fully, all that life sends your way, regardless if it is sad, or heartbreaking, or joyous. When you can appreciate the experience whether good or bad, and fully experience it in that moment, feeling everything, then you are truly receiving. 

Allow love, inspiration, and opportunities to flow to you, and when they come your way, receive, receive, receive.