How beautiful a replenished soul can be, especially when it is something that carries into our relationships. We often find ourselves caught up in the everyday routine – taking care of the kids, stressing with work, and letting those “little things” get to us. Why? We’re not giving ourselves the time and attention that we deserve. With the stressors of the everyday, finding a time to restore and replenish ourselves can be easier said than done.

Even during those puppy love stages of a relationship, taking time for yourself is crucial for your overall health and wellbeing. A simple walk in nature can do the heart good, re-center you, and ground you. It’s in those moments, that everything is put back into perspective. It’s in those moments, that your energy and your essence and your sense of play can reenter. There’s no exertion of your energy, and no sharing with anyone else. Take time to replenish and restore, not just for you, but for your relationships too.

When you are centered and grounded, those around you will feel it. Taking time for yourself is never selfish, it’s an act of gratitude to yourself and your spirit.

Looking for another way to restore and replenish?

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