In a world full of fast pace movement, and races to a self-set finish line, sometimes the best thing you can do is slow down. Whether you’re racing to hit a made up deadline, or trying to “hurry up” and find the right partner in your search for love, rushing to an end result can result in chaos and disappointment. The worst part is, you miss out on the journey.

When you slow down and enter into a state of stillness, you make rooms for clarity. The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it is for you to make the right decisions to lead you towards what it is that you truly desire. In knowing your destination, and practicing the art of slowing down, something magical begins to happen…you begin to enjoy the journey.

This is a beautiful realization, that once it occurs, can be just as blissful as the destination itself. Take time to acknowledge your progress whether in love, life, or your work. Life is too short to dismiss all of the little magical moments. Life goes by quickly, and if you don’t slow down, you’ll miss it. Fall in love with the present moment, give yourself some love, and discover the beauty in the now.

Slow Down in Costa Rica

Vacation Counseling provides an intimate, exclusive, and effective couples retreat. With Peace Retreats, we will help you and your partner to slow down, and find a new perspective, facing your issues head-on. As a team, we have over 100+ years of experience and utilize a variety of methods for couples counseling.

Come enjoy the journey with us. Relax, unwind and connect in beautiful Costa Rica. Book your Trip Here.