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Why hugging is so important…

Affectionate body language like hugging can say far more than words ever can, and in fact most of what we communicate comes from signals that aren’t verbal.For couples, hugging helps bridge the gap between what happens in the bedroom and what happens in your day-to-day life. It keeps that all-important intimacy when you’re not making

Getting Help for Depression

Educate yourself Learn everything you need to know about depression and its causes, symptoms, and treatments to better support your loved one. Separate Fact from Fiction There are many myths about depression. For example, depression is not simply the result of laziness or weakness. Your partner's pain may not just be in their head.  Depression

Pushing Through The Tough Times…….

Pushing Through The Hard Times…. Every married couple experiences their share of pain, disconnection, betrayal, and extraordinary stress. Some discover that if they will push through together and not make enemies of each other in the process, the beauty they experience on the other side far surpasses anything they could have imagined for themselves. If

5 Secrets to Marriage Longevity

5 Secrets to Marriage Longevity “What’s your secret?” One of the most commonly asked questions that couples receive when asked to describe their long, healthy marriage. The fact of the matter is, however, that there isn’t just one secret to a happy marriage. In fact, there are several and they aren’t exactly secrets. It might

Word of the Year

Can a word or a few words make a difference in your life?  Yes having a word or phrase for the year, sets the tone.  Personally I have seen this in my own life both professionally and personally. Here is the professional part - I started this in 2015, and my word was Journey. 

Holiday Stress

The Holidays are supposed to be a time fill with joy and peace.  However what if you are not feeling that way, and you feel very stress and alone, what do you do? Here are some suggestions: Slow it down – Take time to think what the holidays actually means to you and be mindful

Forgiveness and the Key to Intimacy

  There are many ways we can open opportunity to intimacy.  One very commonly overlooked opportunity is forgiveness.  Misunderstandings, unmet expectations and hurt feelings are unavoidable in long-term relationships.  The key to unlocking the intimacy in these situations is how it is handled, and forgiveness. Trust and forgiveness go hand in hand.  However, how often

Spiritual Intimacy

Learning how to connect with your spouse or significant other through your faith is a remarkable way to cultivate intimacy on another level.  Even if you don't necessarily share beliefs. Sharing what we believe in, our faith and our deep thoughts about a governing power over this world can be a deeply vulnerable conversation.  What