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Intimacy Coaching and Counseling

Intimacy Counseling Intimacy is the sharing of one’s soul with another person’s, depth of trust, and profound insights into each other. That level of emotional interaction strengthens  character, focus and integrity. Social media and other outlets have degraded the concept of intimacy in relationships, as a “What’s in it for me?” mindset has settled in.

The Effects Of A Negative Mind

Negative thinking is quite contagious, once it infects someone the symptoms may persist over a lifetime. Most Americans fail to recognize the repercussions of thinking negatively. The effects are far more psychological, they are physical and will impact your spiritual life. Negative thinking not only comes from negative events that are currently taking place but

Financial Intimacy 101

Financial Intimacy 101 Couples are instructed to be open and transparent when it comes to finances.  But what do you do when neither of you are comfortable doing so? In a recent episode of Bringing Intimacy Back,  Dr. April Brown sat down with Michele Edwards-Collie – Owner of The King’s Daughter to discuss Financial Intimacy. They

The Stress of Being A ‘Supermom’

Supermoms Don't Wear Capes! How much stress can a Supermom handle? We've seen them everywhere. The grocery store, soccer game, ballet recitals, birthday parties and just about everywhere. They are known as Supermoms! They are the epitome of selflessness and sacrifice. Willing to put the needs of others before themselves day in and day out.

14 Key Signs of Depression in Men

14 Key Signs of Depression in Men He seems more difficult than depressed. What’s the deal? Posted Oct 25, 2018 Not so long ago, I had to approach a friend to discuss what appeared to me to be a battle with depression. It was clear to me that this debilitating disorder was affecting both him and