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25 Ways You Can Practice Self-Care Every Single Day

25 Ways You Can Practice Self-Care Every Single Day No, you don’t have to Instagram your bubble bath. By Caroline Shannon-Karasik Nov 13, 2018 DIANA FUJII Instagram might have you thinking that the only way to practice self-care is to take a photo-shoot worthy bath (and post a picture of it, obvi). But uh, that's definitely

Cold Verbal Abuse and Calculated Betrayal

THURSDAY, JANUARY 3 2019 KRISTEN MILSTEAD       print    on HealthyPlace.com Cold abuse, verbal abuse delivered without emotion, is familiar to many abuse victims. The film I, Tonya, depicts the physically and verbally abusive home life of notorious Olympic skater Tonya Harding. Harding is best known for the scandal that took place in 1994 in which her husband, Jeff, carried out a plot to

11 Intriguing Reasons To Give Talk Therapy A Try

Alice G. WaltonContributor Pharma & HealthcareI cover health, medicine, psychology and neuroscience. Some people are under the misapprehension that therapy is for wusses. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As Richard Taite, founder of Cliffside Malibu and big proponent of behavior change, told me earlier this year, “Not only do successful people not fear therapy, they

Why So Many of Us Get Stuck in Toxic Relationships

Why So Many of Us Get Stuck in Toxic Relationships By Mitzi Bockmann for YourTango.com ~ 5 min read It doesn’t have to be this way forever. Despite the severe pain women subjected to emotional abuse and other forms of domestic violence experience on a daily basis, we all know (or have been) at least one

Word of the Year

Can a word or a few words make a difference in your life?  Yes having a word or phrase for the year, sets the tone.  Personally I have seen this in my own life both professionally and personally. Here is the professional part - I started this in 2015, and my word was Journey.