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Keeping Depressive Thoughts at Bay

Depression is an extremely difficult disease. It can alter your entire view of the world around you, your view of friends and family, strangers, activities or hobbies you used to enjoy, everything. It’s because of this warped-perception that depression tends to last as long as it does. When everything in your life seems pointless, boring,

Major Depressive Disorder 101 – Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

Major Depressive Disorder Depression is feeling similar to sadness that many people feel they experience. Although there are various forms of sadness and depression, it is important to understand the difference between feeling sad, or situational depression, and having a clinical diagnoses of major depressive disorder. Major depressive disorder looks different for many people as

Men’s Health, Mental Health

The conversations around Men’s Health in June tend to revolve around the physical self. Cancer and diabetes are the most talked about issues, but the topics need to go further. The mental health of men in the U.S. often drifts to the wayside until it is forgotten. The suicide rate of men in the United

Multiple Personality Disorder; What is it really?

Dissociative identity disorder (DID) or more commonly known as Multiple Personality Disorder is defined as a mental maladjustment of an individual; enduring two distinctly different characters or character states. Individuals with DID have been discovered to express vastly different emotions in these character states, feelings, and stress reactions on a chemical level. DID affects roughly

Marriage and Overcoming Financial Conflicts.

We’ve heard it before. What makes a marriage last is the continuous effort made by two individuals, every single day. There’s no other way! Which is why the ever so touchy subject of finances also requires two people and above all, openness and collaboration.   Financial obstacles are real. If not handled appropriately, the impact