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7 Reasons Why Connection With Self and Others Is So Important

By Margaret Paul, Ph.D. on https://www.huffingtonpost.com/margaret-paul-phd/loving-connection_b_2559654.html#  Some of the basic needs of childhood are love and emotional connection. When we receive these, we learn to feel worthy and lovable. Many of us grow up without these needs being adequately met. This lack of connection can have far-reaching physical and psychological consequences for us. (For extensive

CBT Technique: Using the Triple Column Technique to Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Life!

One of the cornerstones of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is to help individuals identify their negative and irrational ways of thinking.  Cognitive Errors, also known as Cognitive Distortions, are unhealthy thinking habits that lead to most common mental health problems, including anxiety, depression and other mood  disorders.  The concept of Cognitive Distortions is integral to

How to Create Emotional Boundaries

Those who have experienced physical abuse are often advised by therapists to create physical boundaries with the abuser. In some extreme cases, that might warrant a restraining order. The same method should be employed when toxic emotional abuse arises between two people. It could very well be that a person turns to abusive behaviors

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