Stress Management Overview

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Stress can be successfully overseen from multiple points of view. The best pressure the board designs ordinarily incorporate a blend of pressure relievers that address pressure genuinely and mentally and help to create strength and adapting

What is Self Love and Intimacy?

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Encountering an absence of connections in your relationship? Despite the fact that you may feel like it, you're certainly not the only one. In case you're one of the 54% of individuals who feel separated from

Learn how to forgive.

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Forgiving another doesn't mean you won't ever again feel the torment or recall what hurt you. The terrible experience will be in your memory until the end of time. By forgiving, you are not imagining the

Overcoming Depression

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The main thing you should think about defeating depression is that it is conceivable. Your decisions matter and can affect the course of your sickness. Luckily, loads of examination have been done on a portion of

How To Spot People With DID?

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Dissociative problems are portrayed by a compulsory break from reality described by a separation between considerations, personality, cognizance, and memory. Individuals from all age gatherings and racial, ethnic, and financial foundations can encounter a dissociative issue.

Christophe Zajac-Denek: Big Things come in Small Packages!

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We had the pleasure meeting of a great guy by the name of Christophe Zajac-Denek. Even though Christophe had dealt with many obstacles as a child, having to endure many major surgeries and living with Dwarfism,

YOU Were Designed for More with Sherri Belmar Theis

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Sherri Belmar Theis discusses the mind, body and soul through soul connections that we all share in intimacy and in all forms of relationships. For 30 years, Sherri has mentored women world-wide in their Christian Faith. Sherri is the

Young Adults Remain at Serious Risk of Mental Health Crises

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Carolyn Reinach Wolf Recently, the pandemic has placed a spotlight on the mental health of children, especially those unable to attend school in-person. A survey of U.S. high school students found that nearly a third were unhappy and

Dr. April & Dr. Kelly: Intimacy through Discernment and its connection to the 8 aspects of Wellness

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  This is season 10 of Bringing Intimacy Back Podcast and we hope that you all continue to follow the podcast. We have a lot of great episodes coming soon, starting off with Intimacy and Discernment

Dr. Jada Jackson: How the world of social media changed our Relationships Forever

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    Dr. Jada Jackson is an author, counselor, and talk show host. Jada Jackson is known for her transparent, practical style of communicating and training. Her ultimate goal is to guide her clients in a

Joan Childs: I HATE THE MAN I LOVE: A Conscious Relationship is Your Key to Success

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    Joan Childs, LCSW, has been in clinical private practice as a psychotherapist since 1978, specializing in couple's therapy. In addition, she is an expert in Codependency, Inner Child Work, Original Pain Work, and Second

Dr. Sara Rosenquist: Infertility Destroyed My Intimacy with You

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Dr. Sara Rosenquist is a Board Certified Clinical Health Psychologist. She is the author of "After the Stork:  The Couple's Guide to Preventing and Overcoming Postpartum Depression", enjoys working with clients from her office in Cary,

Everyday Ways to Reconnect and Nurture Your Relationship

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    By: Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. With daily lives upended due to the pandemic, it’s understandable if your relationship receded into the background or feels fractured lately. After all, when stress strikes, romantic relationships are usually

Tammi Pickle: I’m Looking for Love? How successful are relationships made by matchmakers?

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  Tammi Pickle was literally born to be a matchmaker! She is the Vice President and partner of Elite Connections International, which is a family-owned business for more than 26 years. Tammi has been featured in

Study finds single people with no desire to marry tend to report having better sex lives

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    By Joycelyn Solis According to research published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, people who have no desire to marry report better sex lives than single people who desire marriage in the future.

Kathy Kates: So you want to know why I can’t be intimate? Let’s talk about it. Pelvic Floor 101

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  On the Latest Bringing Intimacy Back show, we had a special guest Kathy Kates, a pelvic floor therapist, and bilingual family nurse practitioner. Kathy Kates works with women, men, transgender, and non-gender non-conforming patients experiencing

Dr.Talal H. Alsaleem, PsyD, LMFT: I can’t move on from my cheating partner! Where do I go from here?

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  On the latest Bringing Intimacy Back show, we welcomed a special guest by the name of Dr. Talal H. Alsaleem . He is an award-winning marriage counselor and researcher. Dr. Talal is the author of

8 tips for managing children’s anxiety about COVID-19

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by: Children's Health of Texas  Many families are facing major changes in their day-to-day lives because of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). With all the unknowns that come with a new virus, it's normal to feel anxious about the

Dwight Bain: Complex Emotions during COVID-19

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  On the latest Bringing Intimacy Back show, we had special guest Dwight Bain. Dwight has guided thousands of people through challenging times as an Author, Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Leadership Coach, Licensed Mental Health Counselor,

Lori Hardacker: Leave it to Lori Events: Dating and Intimacy during COVID-19

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    Lori Hardacker started her journey when she moved to Fort Myers Florida in 2019 after living in her RV and traveling the US since May of 2016. She worked in Naples and Fort Myers

Letitia Browne-James: Black Lives Matter and Mental Health ” A Call for Healing, Advocacy, Allies, and Social Justice”

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  On our recent show, we had special guest Letitia Browne-James. Dr. Letitia Browne-James is the Founder and Owner of Victorious Living Counseling & Consulting, LLC. She is a Board Certified Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Seneca Williams with Guest Jaekilla Walls: Reinventing and Discovering your new Career with Passion

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  On our Latest Bringing Intimacy Back show, we had guests, Seneca Williams, LMHC is an online therapist and international professional coach, with an online practice established in 2015. As a mental health advocate, she volunteers her

Love & Law The Divorce Lawyers’ Guide How to Keep the Spark Alive When Living, Working, and Parenting Together: Ashley & Christopher Bruce

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  On today's Bringing Intimacy Back show, we will meet Chris and Ashley Bruce and discuss  This show focuses on their views on parenting, business, and personal intimacy. Get ready for an exciting show today! We

Episode #31 Jerome Infantado : Beauty and Intimacy

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  Jerome Infantado has 14 years in the beauty/salon industry. He Currently is located at Blink Esthetics in Florida, specializing in Lashes and skincare treatments. Jerome will touch on the topic of how beauty correlates with

Episode #29 April Natale Psychic Medium- The Intimate Connection with Our Past Loved Ones

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  On our Lastest show, we had a special guest with a love for helping others heal from the pain of losing loved ones who have passed away. April Natale's vibrant energy and unique spirit to

Spiritual Counseling: What is it?

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Spiritual counseling goes beyond traditional forms of psychotherapy by tapping into the importance of religion or spirituality within a person’s life. It aims to integrate standard therapy techniques with religious/spiritual practices and wisdom. Typically, spiritual counseling

Chocolate for Valentine’s Day.. Why is Chocolate the most popular sweet treat?

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  Even without going into the history of the relation of Valentine’s Day and the chocolates, it’s easy to understand why chocolate is the favorite way to express love on Valentine’s Day. There is an allure

Spiritual Intimacy

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Learning how to connect with your spouse or significant other through your faith is a remarkable way to cultivate intimacy on another level.  Even if you don't necessarily share beliefs. Sharing what we believe in, our

Spiritual Intimacy

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Learning how to connect with your spouse or significant other through your faith is a remarkable way to cultivate intimacy on another level.  Even if you don't necessarily share beliefs. Sharing what we believe in, our

Hidden Intimacy

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  Hidden Intimacy    Technology shoulders a lot of the blame when it comes to losing the intimate connections in our relationships, and for good reason.  What if we turned the tables? What if we could