Christophe Zajac-Denek: Big Things come in Small Packages!

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We had the pleasure meeting of a great guy by the name of Christophe Zajac-Denek. Even though Christophe had dealt with many obstacles as a child, having to endure many major surgeries and living with Dwarfism,

YOU Were Designed for More with Sherri Belmar Theis

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Sherri Belmar Theis discusses the mind, body and soul through soul connections that we all share in intimacy and in all forms of relationships. For 30 years, Sherri has mentored women world-wide in their Christian Faith. Sherri is the

Young Adults Remain at Serious Risk of Mental Health Crises

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Carolyn Reinach Wolf Recently, the pandemic has placed a spotlight on the mental health of children, especially those unable to attend school in-person. A survey of U.S. high school students found that nearly a third were unhappy and

Dr. April & Dr. Kelly: Intimacy through Discernment and its connection to the 8 aspects of Wellness

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  This is season 10 of Bringing Intimacy Back Podcast and we hope that you all continue to follow the podcast. We have a lot of great episodes coming soon, starting off with Intimacy and Discernment

Dr. Jada Jackson: How the world of social media changed our Relationships Forever

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    Dr. Jada Jackson is an author, counselor, and talk show host. Jada Jackson is known for her transparent, practical style of communicating and training. Her ultimate goal is to guide her clients in a