Episode #31 Jerome Infantado : Beauty and Intimacy

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  Jerome Infantado has 14 years in the beauty/salon industry. He Currently is located at Blink Esthetics in Florida, specializing in Lashes and skincare treatments. Jerome will touch on the topic of how beauty correlates with

Episode #29 April Natale Psychic Medium- The Intimate Connection with Our Past Loved Ones

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  On our Lastest show, we had a special guest with a love for helping others heal from the pain of losing loved ones who have passed away. April Natale's vibrant energy and unique spirit to

Spiritual Counseling: What is it?

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Spiritual counseling goes beyond traditional forms of psychotherapy by tapping into the importance of religion or spirituality within a person’s life. It aims to integrate standard therapy techniques with religious/spiritual practices and wisdom. Typically, spiritual counseling

Chocolate for Valentine’s Day.. Why is Chocolate the most popular sweet treat?

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  Even without going into the history of the relation of Valentine’s Day and the chocolates, it’s easy to understand why chocolate is the favorite way to express love on Valentine’s Day. There is an allure