Let’s Talk Mental Health

Life is not remorseful; it is continuously moving forward. It makes no excuses for anyone. Life does not stop when we need more hours during the day to finish that last project at work or homework assignment. Life goes on when we are grieving the loss of a loved one or experiencing heartbreak. The everyday

Women On the Rise

A women’s beauty is often displayed on magazines and billboards being objectified. It’s not about the beauty on the outside of the woman that should catch attention, but the strength she must wear it every day. Who said that women need to have flawless skin, soft eyes, make-up done, and not a hair out of

5 Secrets to Marriage Longevity

5 Secrets to Marriage Longevity “What’s your secret?” One of the most commonly asked questions that couples receive when asked to describe their long, healthy marriage. The fact of the matter is, however, that there isn’t just one secret to a happy marriage. In fact, there are several and they aren’t exactly secrets. It might

Forgiveness and the Key to Intimacy

  There are many ways we can open opportunity to intimacy.  One very commonly overlooked opportunity is forgiveness.  Misunderstandings, unmet expectations and hurt feelings are unavoidable in long-term relationships.  The key to unlocking the intimacy in these situations is how it is handled, and forgiveness. Trust and forgiveness go hand in hand.  However, how often