Top 5 Interviews on Love and Relationships

We have had the pleasure of interviewing incredible people over the years on our podcast Bringing intimacy Back. We've talked about love, relationships, heartaches, and intimacy. Here are our top interviews: ONE Extraordinary Marriage |Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo As co-hosts of the #1 marriage podcast in iTunes, the ONE Extraordinary Marriage show, Tony

Thoughts About Online Counseling

I love counseling.  It’s like walking in your shoes, living out your experience.  Not only do I learn about you and your challenges, I also feel some of what you feel.  I get to see some of your worst moments. I vicariously feel your fear, loneliness, and confusion. Forgive me for this comparison.  I use

Receive Receive Receive!

Ok we’ve all been there..someone gives you a genuine compliment, maybe on your ability to lead, your giving spirit, or maybe it’s as simple as your hair..and we say “thank you.” At the same time we are either shrugging this off, or simply saying the words because that’s a polite response. BUT, how often do

Loving Your Body

    When you catch your reflection as you walk past the grocery store window, there are three common reactions. The “I look good,” the “keep walking, I have places to be,” and the “oh… that’s what I look like?”     I can almost guarantee that everyone has experienced all three of these reactions. And while

Godlike Patience

     Have you seen the videos of irate customers giving flack to employees? Seeing those outrageous displays makes me think about how people have become so quick to anger. I think “Jeez, I’m glad I’m not as negative as them.”     But recently I’ve been noticing that I have a shorter fuse too. While I